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“The Promoshin animated video service. As a internet marketing consultant, I’m always recommending to my clients that they add video to their content mix, and as you might imagine animated video is really hot right now and so I was looking for a video partner that I could recommend to my clients and before I decided to send any of my clients their way, I wanted to try them out on my own. And so I looked all over the web.

I did a lot of Google searches. I talked to colleagues and friends just to see what was available out there and quite frankly, I didn’t see anything quite like Promoshin. Nobody had the body of work that was available to look at on the website, and certainly nobody had the depth and breadth of the different industries that they served…so I thought that they be a great partner. I didn’t expect to see the level of project management and scriptwriting capabilities.

I figured that they were really good animators, maybe had some good software to make that quick and easy and painless but was really impressed with all the assistance we had in writing the scripts and all the steps that they took to make sure that I was very satisfied with the storyboard all the way down to the finished product. I highly recommend these guys, and I’m getting as many of my clients involved with them as I can. Thanks a lot.”

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