Quentin Miller of VeriClock.com | British Columbia, Canada - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is Quentin. I’m a co-founder at VeriClock, employee time tracking.

We researched a bunch of different companies before deciding to go with Promoshin. We found that they were the most responsive to our inquiries and seemed to be the most competitive on pricing. And those are probably the two main reasons we went with them.

Our expectations honestly we’re not super high with this project. Mostly we were concerned that we might end up paying for a crappy video that we would never use.

Fortunately that was not the case at all…in the end. Promoshin did an excellent job allowing us to come back and forth with numerous tweaks here and there…and that is probably the main reason I would recommend them. To me, the ability to come back and forth and make changes is probably the single most important factor in selecting a company to make your explainer video.

For that reason alone, I would recommend Promoshin.”

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