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“My name is Richard Cohen. I’m the Managing Partner of BostonCIO. BostonCIO is a national boutique consultancy and information technology strategy and implementations. We also work extensively with private equity firms in the due-diligence space and optimizing business process and systems utilization, risk mitigation within portfolio companies.

About a year and a half ago, we came across a need in the marketplace and an opportunity and we created a new company called BostonComply to offer automated compliance services. Because the product is relatively complicated, we thought that explainer videos would be very helpful.

We also have a complicated secondary channel which is also requires considerable explanation. We went into the marketplace, we looked around and we came across Promoshin. Their product looked really good, the initial contact with them was very solid and we proceeded to contract for two explainer videos. One in the general model and one in our specific service provider model.

We provided them with our sales deck and I really respected that they came back and said, “Hmmm, we don’t really understand what you guys are doing.” They arranged a phone call and they went through it. They really wanted to understand as opposed to just banging out another project, which was really positive.

We went through many iterations of it mainly because this is the first time we’ve ever done this kind of promotional work– I think we were probably a terrible client. But we bought the maintenance upfront and they’ve been just fabulous with all of the changes that we have required.

We’re very, very happy with the product and while it was a lot of work, literally everyone who has seen it has reacted incredibly positively to it.

The nice thing is that, for a small company like BostonCIO–we’re about 12-15 consultants–it really ups our game. It really shows us in a very professional and well-organized light as we move into this larger market and begin to promote the BostonComply product.

Incredibly happy, strongly recommend them, great product, good process, reasonable price and the end product is just beautiful. Thank you.

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