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“Hi my name is Richard, I’m the CEO of Learning at Work. Learning at Work is an LMS which has been designed and built specifically for the SME market.

We were looking to produce an explainer video for our website to give people an understanding of our product and our differentiators because there are a lot of LMS’s out there but we do different in quite a few ways so we wanted to get that message across to our potential clients and having an explainer video on a website will do that quite nicely.

We looked quite extensively at the companies out there who were offering this type of service and Promoshin probably stood out a lot more than their competitors did. One, their pricing was very competitive and they had what we probably found the easiest part was they had such a diverse range of explainer videos which was great which as it helped us really to identify the right type of explainer video for our company.

They are also very upfront around the packages and the inclusions and the entire process as well which made the selection criteria or the selection process a lot easier for us. I wasn’t sure what to expect when going into this because this is to be honest, this is our first video production from an animated perspective so I wasn’t sure what to expect or actually how to drive this.

I’ve done many video productions where we have human beings but not animated. We are based in Australia and my main concern was the time difference. We’ve often worked with companies overseas and the process can get quite long and drawn and out because of the time differences.

However, we actually found with Promoshin that this was actually an advantage because they were so efficient in getting back to us. We would submit our feedback during our daytime and by the next morning that feedback been actioned and we normally had a reviewed video posted ready for us to review so that made it actually worked to our advantage.

Once we engaged Promoshin for our video production we found them to be very flexible. We had a couple of changes here and there, couple of changes, quite a few changes but they were very accommodating and I actually moved from one package to another so I think I started on a 90 second and moved up to a 2 minute and so forth but that was quite very upfront.

Before I need changes were made the fees were explained and changes explained that I was going into a different category and I was quite happy with that but I was probably happy that there was no surprises at any point so I knew what was going to happen. They were very effective as well. They are very quick, the processing times were very quick in fact super quick. I never thought it will happen so quickly.

Probably some of the benefits I found from using Promoshin again is the explainer video which I found more than enough to help us find the right fit for us. Having a single point of contact, that was very important to us.

One because we are overseas so dealing with a number of people would make it very difficult in the entire process. Having a single point of contact and that person taking ownership with the entire project worked exceptionally well for us in fact it made the whole process very easy.

I would certainly recommend Promoshin to anyone watching this video. It was…dare I say…a fantastic experience dealing with them. It was very easy. We did a lot of research out there to find the right team to produce our explainer video and I have to say we hit gold when we found Promoshin.

So yeah, you got thumbs up from me and yeah thank you for a great service and I will be back very soon with another production. Thank You.”

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