Richard Moorman of | Victoria, Australia - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is Richard Moorman. I’m the CEO of Ridley Investments Proprietary Limited. We’re currently developing an online peer to peer on demand web platform which will connect tour guides with travelers within Australia.

I needed an explainer and promotional video that I could put on the front page and within the platform. I needed one that would explain to the customers why they should use that platform to choose a tour and also to explain the benefits to the tour guides on why they should add their profile on our platform.

Ben and the Promoshin team did an excellent job. Far above our expectations.

I went with a standard footage style of video to show the action and experience that people could see or do on our tours. The scripting that the team came up with was fantastic, real promotional stuff and also the voiceover, we had a great choice of accent orientation of different styles and countries—and that was great too, to be honest—and make my choice from those. So all out, the two videos that we got exceeded our expectations.

So, I would like to thank Ben and the Promoshin team for the professional service they provided to us. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone looking for an animated or a standard footage promotional type video. All I can say is once again thanks Ben and we’ll use your service again in the future. Bye for now.”

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