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“Hi, my name is Rob Alexander. I’m an associate of Wellington Financial Group and we recently launched a new website for our clients and we needed a way to get the word out.

Our website focuses on enrolling in 401K plans, among other things. So that was really our problem. 401K’s can be pretty intimidating and explaining to people how to enroll can be difficult.

So we needed something that was simple but informative and could show the process of enrolling from start to finish. More importantly because we knew this video was going to be our first interaction with most of our clients, it had to look professional. So we knew that a homemade Powerpoint just wasn’t gonna cut it.

We started our research based on what everybody’s looking for, pricing and production. Promoshin started out on the right foot by being really upfront with their pricing and they had some great sample videos for us to look at. Those sample videos also gave us a really good idea of where we wanted to go with our video and how it would be laid out.

We were starting with pretty much a blank canvas, and so it’s great to be able to use those as some inspiration and then be able to work with them along the way. Promoshin turned out to be definitely the best value for the explainer video that we were looking for.

After getting in touch with them we sent them a quick rough draft of what we were going for a script and then some ideas of the animations that we would like to see in the video. Really quickly they turned around the video and it was awesome to see our ideas turned into this animated little feature. It was really cool and it looked really good. That was when we found out also the best part about Promoshin, the pricing and the product were both great, but their patience was really would sets them apart, we think.

They were great working with us. They always welcomed our feedback on the videos that they were sending to us. From the smallest little nitpicks to big idea changes.

It was really surprising working with people who felt like they are really committed to making your video better and helping you achieve your goals. What we got in the end in something that we really proud to show our clients. It’s not just because it simplify our product but because it also looks great and makes us look great.

We would definitely recommend Promoshin and we actually have some ideas about how we would use them again in the future. We are really happy that we found them and we definitely think you should choose them.”

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