Roger Derham & Brandon Timlin of The Badlands  |  Elk River, MN - Promoshin


“Hello guys, my name is Roger Derham from The Badlands and I’m Brandon Timlin from The Badlands. And you know, we’ve been using Promoshin for one of our marketing campaigns, and we used them all above all other options because…why is that, Brandon, do you think?

You know, we searched the internet like everybody does and we did our research and we thought that for the value, the video examples they had were pretty good.

Our expectations were pretty high. We wanted a kick-ass video. And we got it. We had a ton of concerns and fears. We didn’t know these guys. They are on the West Coast. We’re from the Midwest. We didn’t know how it would work, if the video would be any good, if they were going complete on time, if they were going to do what they say they would.

We had all the concerns everybody does but it turned out well. Yeah, and our Badlands product was pretty kind of unique. I thought the top feature was, we included ourselves on the videos, they actually had a British voiceover artist to mimic this guy right here. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

I think it worked really well, and they’re pretty timely with their communication as well. So the Project Manager that we worked with was pretty hot off the press giving us updates, so that was pretty cool considering the time constraints we were under. I think we would make another video with them.

They stood by what they said they would do and they did it, and I’m happy. They followed through. They executed what we wanted. Definitely, we would recommend Promoshin. They did a wonderful job.

Again, we had a unique project to work with. We had them to do some unique things which we didn’t see in any of the other videos with The Badlands so yeah, very good.”

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