“Hello, my name is Scott Christie and I’m one of the creators of PhoneMote.com. It’s a universal TV remote and garage door opener phone case. So, it’s actually a universal TV phone remote, universal garage opener and it’s built it into your actual phone case.

I hired Promoshin to create an animated video to help me make others understand exactly what PhoneMote does. To just say universal remote, phone case, garage opener; it’s those three things make it kind of confusing. But with the Promoshin animated explainer video; it’s funny, it’s creative, it’s really easily understood and I really truly believe that with the Promoshin animated video that it’s gonna increase my sales probably 50% if not 70%… because pictures and what-not and illustrations are one thing, but the video does definitely make it just go “wow” and these guys are the best.

Once I hired them, they emailed me, they sent me updates every other day–I was able to see the progress. I was able to jump in and comment on the progress. Make changes if needed. There was never a delay or unexpected reply for additional monies. It was a truly a great experience.

I’m gonna refer them and hire them probably every future project even if it’s…I never thought of using an explainer video. I’m definitely now going to use an animated video.

So, Promoshin guys I’m so grateful and you guys are the best. I’m gonna refer you everywhere and I am so happy I found you. Thank you again.”

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