Sean Kirke of | Mount Martha, Australia - Promoshin


“Hey guys, my name is Sean. I am a business owner and entrepreneur and we just wrapped up doing our first explainer video with Promoshin and I just want to do a quick testimonial for them because they did such a brilliant job. When we were looking online to find someone to do the video for us, one of the biggest issues that we had was that we wanted to make sure whoever we chose, allowed us to do as many edits and corrections as possible.

So we didn’t end up with something that we weren’t actually happy with. And Promoshin were brilliant. I mean, we asked them to chop and change things so many times, they never complained. They really did a brilliant job and kept going until we were happy, and the end product is brilliant.

So can’t recommend them enough, they really are patient and they have a lot of experience in creating videos. Even if you’ll just have a quick look on their website at some of the examples they’ve got up. It’s actually huge. They’ve got so many videos to check out and see their kind of work and they’ve done so you can really feel comfortable choosing them to do your project.

Anyway we’re just about to start our second explainer video with them and I’m looking forward to the process because we were really happy with the first one. So if you’re thinking of getting explainer video done, they are a brilliant team, can’t recommend them highly enough. Great value for money and the end product is always fabulous so give them a go. Cheers.”

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