Shenique King of Feebmee | Hallandale, Florida - Promoshin


“Hi, I’m Shenique King and I’m the owner of King Royal, LLC and I chose Promoshin to complete my explainer video because from top to bottom like their service was phenomenal. I mean I sent an email, I needed information what they can do for me and the owner called me back right away. It was a one on one rapport.

He explained everything to me, made me feel very comfortable during our conversation so I went ahead and gave it a try. The first week they explained that they were working on the project. The project manager kept in touch with me.

The first slides were great. I kept moving forward. I was very very pleased with the final product so I would recommend them to anybody that you know doing a startup company.

If you’re not sure about which direction you wanna go with your explainer video, they have a lot of different new ideas and very unique innovative touch I must say…which I’m very proud to say represents my product, so I would definitely recommend them.”

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