Spencer Freiman of SleepApneaMD.com | Orlando, FL - Promoshin


“Hey guys, this is Spencer with Sleep Apnea MD. Just wanted to let you know about Promoshin, a video service that I found online to help you market your brand and, you know, whatever you’re doing. I just wanted to say what a phenomenal job Ben and his team did on completing the videos. Everything was described from the very beginning, all the process that are gonna take place.

I couldn’t be more happier with the video that was produced. It’s going to produce great results for some of the trade shows that we’re doing. I was blown away.

I’ve had unlimited edits on the custom videos. I’ve come back on numerous things and he’s made the changes happen. So definitely give Promoshin a try, definitely worth the money and obviously their price is much better than the competition. Thanks a lot.”

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