Taylor Wilson of JobMarketMaker.com | Charleston, SC - Promoshin

“Hello, my name is Taylor Wilson. I am a Product Manager and a Talent Acquisition Strategist at Job Market Maker.

We recently used Promoshin to create an explainer video for our product and it was a fantastic experience. We chose Promoshin because they offered a diverse portfolio, along with the most competitive prices out there for companies creating explainer videos.

What we found out from our research shopping around is that a lot of other companies put conditions on the contracts and limited amount of revisions, a stringent timeline with minimal time for revisions. However with Promoshin we found that they were extremely receptive to all of our edits and the process. So in each stage of the process, we made several edits, several revisions – and Promoshin was extremely responsive to that, and they helped us work through each of our problems at each stage.

Our expectations going into this was to have great communication back and forth as well as creative inputs from their side and they provided that and they were fantastic on the turnaround time with the iterations. Some of the concerns or fears that we had before we found Promoshin while we were looking at other companies, was that we weren’t going to get the product that we truly wanted and that we weren’t going to do anything about it.

However, once we spoke to the Promoshin team and found out how detail-oriented they are with each step of the process, so you make changes to the script and you don’t move on from that stage until you’ve finalized it and you’re 100% happy with it. Same with the illustrations and the animations.

So it was a very iterative continuing process. Some of the top benefits that we liked that came from working with Promoshin was a Project Manager. They hold your hand through every step of the process and make sure that everything is exactly as you want it, and again, you do not move on until you are completely happy.

As a result of hiring Promoshin, we were able to meet our deadline which came up rapidly. We started this process five weeks ago, and we told them that we had a hard deadline and we were able to meet it with some time to spare.

I would absolutely recommend Promoshin to another company looking to create an explainer video because they take the time to make sure they’re crafting exactly the message that you want to put out and broadcast. I would recommend somebody who’s  looking to create an explainer video and doesn’t know what company to choose to at least strongly consider Promoshin – a) because of their extremely competitive prices, b) because of their fantastic customer service and, c) because of their quality and creative control. Thank you.”

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