Tim Mercer of iBoxG.com | Atlanta, GA - Promoshin


“Hey guys, my name is Tim Mercer with the company by the name of IBox Global and I just want to give a quick shout-out to my good friends over at Promoshin and to thank them for the great work they have provided us with our video for our website. I mean, we are exceptionally happy for the product that we received and we are excited to put it in use.

Like most companies, we have great expectations for the marketing collateral that we use—in particular the collateral that we use on our website—and so, going through the process of selecting the vendor for our video, we were very diligent in that process and what outshined the competition for us was the cost factor, the cost of the video. We felt that Promoshin was very comparable in cost, but the quality of the video and the timeliness in terms of the schedule really is what, you know, gave us the mindset to go along with these guys and to have them to create the video for us.

As we got into the process and started going through the process—the phase process in creating the video—that just gave us even a greater level of comfort because we saw how diligent they were during the process of creating the video, creating the images and creating the soundtrack that goes along with that video. So that made us even much more excited about the project.

As we saw our end product, it really, really excited us and we believe that is going to yield great dividends for us. So again, I wanna thank the team for the work that you guys have done. We will certainly use you in the near future for all of our other video projects and all I can say is… Hey keep up the good work and, again, thank you for all of your support.”

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