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This was the very first time working with Promoshin and we have a ton of other projects that were just really looking forward to working with them on, and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to create for a unique, fun and engaging video.


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John Baguio of | New South Wales, Australia

John Baguio of | New South Wales, Australia

  “Hi guys, my name is John Baguio – CEO at Philstralia and founder of Baguio, from Sydney Australia. We are in the process of expanding and exposing our new brand of sports gear called Baguio. But in order to do that we need an explainer...

Jeremie Godreche of | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jeremie Godreche of | Amsterdam, Netherlands

 “Hi, I’m Jeremie from Freenom in Amsterdam. We hired Promoshin as we wanted to have professional great videos for our new website. Initially we were hesitant to do explainer videos as it’s time consuming and we were not sure what the result would be...

Pallavi Patil of VineLust | Los Angeles, CA

Pallavi Patil of VineLust | Los Angeles, CA

  “We had Promoshin do an animated video explainer for our website VineLust which is a wine subscription service. Promoshin, Ben and his team did a great job. Putting together the script, getting us custom animation and making whatever changes...

Donna Quaill of | Gold Coast, Australia

Donna Quaill of | Gold Coast, Australia

 “We want to thank Ben from Promoshin for producing our animated explainer video. Ben and the team were really easy to deal with and nothing was ever a problem if we needed changes. The whole process was really very painless. If you want great value...

Dawit Tefery of |  Canada

Dawit Tefery of | Canada

 “This is a video testimonial about my experience with Promoshin. It was a very great experience. Let me just walk you through it. In the beginning last year I was thinking that my business needed a tool that would be able to explain a complicated...

Jacob of Nutri Pharmaceuticals Company | Houston, TX

Jacob of Nutri Pharmaceuticals Company | Houston, TX

 “Hi, I’m Jacob. I am a director of a nutri pharmaceuticals company. We chose Promoshin because of the value they presented to us between all the other explainer video companies that were out there. As a start up we had a difficult time finding...

Arman Ram of RockList | Gilbert, AZ

Arman Ram of RockList | Gilbert, AZ

 “Hi, this is Armando with Rocket Lister, a real estate photography and marketing company based in Phoenix, Arizona. How I found Promoshin was rather simple. I scoured the entire internet for the company with the best price and best quality and landed on...

Maria Jose of | Los Angeles, CA

Maria Jose of | Los Angeles, CA

  “Hi my name is Maria Jose and I work for ATME Group and we just finished up our explainer video with Promoshin. We found out about Promoshin for a friend who had a great experience working with them in the past. Our company provides billing software...

Elissa Miller of | Saratoga, CA

Elissa Miller of | Saratoga, CA

 “Hi, I’m Elissa from Doubleknot. Doubleknot was looking for an explainer video that can communicate some fairly technical topics and the bottom line benefits of technology without boring the viewer or going over their heads. When I was shopping...

“They were always accessible which made it very, very, very comfortable for us. We are very demanding so believe me for the price and for the team and the people, the effort they put in, I give 10 stars.”

- Jack Hoziel of
Montreal, Canada

“...They really know their stuff when it comes to explainer videos. I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the finished product. I think that they’re much better than the higher priced companies quite frankly.”

- Jonathan Sampson of
Boston, MA

“Honestly, I am a pretty demanding customer and I didn’t have a single complaint about the entire process or the end product working with Promoshin. If you don’t believe me, contact me.”

-  Marty Metro of
Los Angeles, CA

We actually like them so much, we just wrapped up our second video. The best feature about using Promoshin is their project management and engagement.”

- Michael Greer of
Scottsdale, AZ

The quality is top-notch for the price you’re going to pay. You can’t beat it. So go out, look, definitely look around. Look at the other products, but I guarantee you come back to Promoshin.”

- James Baffuto of
North Porth, FL

“They’re responsive, on top of their stuff, and if you’re not using their services then you’re truly missing out on a great opportunity to explain your products in an easy to understand way.”

- Derek Gerber of
Orange County, CA

I did a lot of Google searches. I talked to colleagues and friends just to see what was available out there and quite frankly, I didn’t see anything quite like Promoshin. Nobody had the body of work.”

- Paul Slack of
Farmers Branch, TX

“From the outset I was really impressed with the quality of the service that they offered, the price points that they were able to offer to me but more importantly the quality of the people that I was dealing with.”

- Andy Sutton of
Thornborough, United Kingdom

I’m walking away with a video that I’m absolutely thrilled to have, and one that I don’t think I could have gotten elsewhere. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.”

- Jason Iles of
Henrico, VA

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